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*We admit we are not the cheapest money in town but are you looking for the cheapest or the hardest working to help you secure your financing?

Prosperity Capital Group provides short-term business loans secured by real estate for REI and business owners across the USA. Our loan programs range from $50k to $10M. We are a direct private equity fund lender and all underwriting done in house. Our core funding is 50%LTV, 10 & 18%. If you qualify for bank financing then that's what we suggest, if not let's chat.

We do offer other fundings below to real estate investors which can be used for the purchase or refinance of non-owner occupied residential & 5+ unit properties, financing of renovation projects, bridge and project funding. Quick closings and extremely asset focused with limited documentation!

Quick Closings | Asset Focused | Limited Documentation

  • Learn How To Use Corporate Credit For Your REI

    Most real estate investors have been building their business for years and never knew they could qualify for business or corporate credit.

  • Learn To Use OPM Mixed With The BRRRR Strategy To Increase Profits

    This strategy alone takes novice investors to professional in a matter of one deal.

  • Haul Off Your Cashflow To Protect Your Future Purchasing Power

    Join our free webinar above whereby we share our 3 step strategy to scale your REI business while preserving your profits purchasing power!

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