Global Funding For Real Estate Development & Humanitarian Projects

*We admit we are not the cheapest money in town but are you looking for the cheapest or the hardest working to help you secure your financing?

Prosperity Capital Group provides our clients with access to capital that traditionally only reserved for the top Fortune 50 companies around the globe. Our strategic partnerships and global relationships makes it easier for our clients to access the capital they need for their large scale commercial projects or humanitarian projects.

Please take into consideration we do not charge up front fees for funding, however the client must have liquid capital to put the deals together. Please note that any bank fees, legal fees, and tax obligations associated with your transaction are your responsibility, not Prosperity Capital Group (PCG).

We help successful businesses leverage exclusive alternative banking programs so that they can fund all their capital needs. We do not deal with "joker brokers", principles only with Real projects seeking Real alternative financial solutions!

Let's grow together!

Infrastructure | Commercial | Monetization

  • Learn How To Use Corporate Credit For Your REI

    Most real estate investors have been building their business for years and never knew they could qualify for business or corporate credit.

  • Learn To Use OPM Mixed With The BRRRR Strategy To Increase Profits

    This strategy alone takes novice investors to professional in a matter of one deal.

  • Haul Off Your Cashflow To Protect Your Future Purchasing Power

    Book a consultation call with us today, to see if our values align and we can work together to bring your project to life!

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