Prosperity Capital Group is a blockchain/cryptocurrency and private capital advisory firm whose purpose is to assist our clients in raising capital as efficiently and with the utmost sense of urgency.

Prosperity Capital Group provides professional and in depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency space & private equity funding to its clients. We pride ourselves on being able to provide consultation in the area of our expertise to hedge funds, private equity firms, high-networth individuals, small-mid size family offices and public funds from the $100M AUM or better.

Our firm provides advisory services and access to private placement opportunities as we have built relations in the international business and finance space for the past decade. We focus on providing timely, reliable, and customized solutions that are not accessible through traditional means.

“We are ushering in a new technological frontier with the invention of the Blockchain. Do not get left behind with the most innovative technology of our times!”

Prosperity Capital Group provides consultation for:

  • Coin development
  • Mining opportunities
  • Proper capital allocation
  • Securitizing of digital assets
  • Private Placements
  • Raising Capital

Prosperity Capital Group’s principle strength lies in its ability to analyze the objectives of our clients and tailor construct a plan that will be a win for all involved in a streamlined and timely fashion with certainty of execution.

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